Top Five Books On My Winter TBR

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Sooooo, I’m terrible with these TBR lists.  I never really follow them because my mood changes so frequently.  That said, I decided to just list five books that I’m sure to read this winter.  I think I have more of a chance of actually reading them.

In no particular order . . .


1.  Cress by Marissa Meyer
Releases on February 4, 2014
Obviously, I’ll be reading this right away.  I actually think I might go the audiobook route for this.


2.  The Promise of Amazing by Robin Constantine
Releases on December 31, 2013
I have this from Edelweiss, and I’m excited to read it.  I think I’ll read it soon, actually.

crash into you

3.  Crash Into You by Katie McGarry
I should had read this last month, but life got away from me.  I love Katie McGarry so much, and I’m sure I’ll love Crash Into You.


4. Newt’s Emerald by Garth Nix
I saw a review for this last week, and it looks so cute.  I immediately downloaded the ebook.  It’s only 200 pages, and I’ve been really into the historical fiction right now.

5. Sarah MacLean
Yeah, so #5 is an author, not a specific book.  But I just recently read two books by MacLean and I am ADDICTED.  I need to read ALL HER BOOKS.


What books are you planning on reading this winter?  Are you able to follow you TBR lists, or do you stray from it a lot?  I’m definitely one to stray.  🙂

About Quinn

I'm a twenty-something children's librarian at a public library in Central New York. I've long left my teen years behind me, but I love to read YA and children's books. I have two adorable dogs. Ginger is a mix between a poodle and havanese, and Daphne is Bichon Frise. Other things I love: Favorite Movie: Singing in the Rain Favorite Book: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen Favorite TV Show: Monk
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30 Responses to Top Five Books On My Winter TBR

  1. Ooh, I’ve been wanting to read Cinder for a while now! Maybe I’ll read it over winter break or hopefully early next year. Great list!

    • Also, how did you get the falling snow effect on your blog? It’s lovely!

      • Quinn says:

        You must, must, must read Cinder. Even if Science Fiction isn’t your thing (it’s not for me) you’ll love it. Also, just makes my blog snow. I didn’t have to do anything. But I think if you google it, you might find out the details. But it might just be a wordpress thing, too.

  2. You really can’t go wrong with Sarah MacLean! While I haven’t read her young adult novel, The Season, I’m a BIG fan of her historical romance novels for adults. Her ‘Love By The Numbers’ trilogy is a personal favourite and I can’t wait to delve further into her backlist. I’m looking forward to Cress too, although I didn’t include it on today’s list as I was worried about too much repetition from last week’s Top Ten Tuesday post. Thankfully, February doesn’t seem too far away, right? 😉

    Great choices this week, Quinn!

    • Quinn says:

      The two I’ve read so far by MacLean are Nine and Ten. I loved them both and can’t wait to read Eleven!!!! Why did I wait so long to read them?

      I was a little worried about repetition from last week, too. Luckily I only repeated one book – Cress. I’m so excited!

  3. Crash Into You is definitely my favorite in the series. I feel like it was owed to Isaiah. Hope you enjoy the Promise of Amazing!

    Aly @ My Heart Hearts BooksMy TTT

  4. Lucy says:

    I like your tbr strategy! I just finished Crash Into You- gosh those books are addictive. You’ll finish that one in no time. Rebecca Soler is an awesome narrator, so good call on the Cress audiobook.
    Happy winter reading and listening, Quinn!

  5. Merin says:

    I never stick to my TBR lists. In fact, I debated NOT doing this topic, because it’s pretty much a surefire way to make sure I DON’T read them! However, some of them – like Cress – will definitely be read, and I also already have Going Rogue on hold at the library. I figure two out of ten isn’t bad, right? 😀

    My TTT post

  6. I really need to get onto the Lunar Chronicles. Also, I have Pushing the Limits and i’m really excited to get to it. Love your list. Enjoy 🙂 !!!

  7. ChrissiReads says:

    Crash Into You is a brilliant read. I hope you enjoy it! I completely failed on my Fall TBR list, so I’m hoping I do a bit better this time round.

  8. Elizabeth says:

    I love all of Garth Nix’s books (I think I’ve read all of them at this point actually) so I’m definitely looking forward to checking this one out! I wish it wasn’t only ebook though as the likelihood of my library having it is slim. (We do have an ebook system even if I don’t understand how it works, so not completely impossible)

  9. becca565 says:

    I still have to read Dare You To, but I’m still excited to read Crash Into You. I can’t wait for Cress! The whole series is just amazing.

  10. Josette says:

    I definitely stray away from my TBR too so I plan to tackle the list this month before the year ends!

    My TTT.

  11. Christina says:

    Great list…it is always so hard to stick with your TBR lists…I usually only ever read 1/2 of what I plan. I just read my first Sarah MacLean book and definitely want to read her others, especially The Season…I’ll keep my eyes out for your reviews!

  12. bftreviews says:

    I’m so excited to read Cress! Great list!

  13. Daphne says:

    i have a couple of sarah maclean books that were suggested to me by amanda, so I’m excited to read them, especially based on what you just said 🙂 looks like it’s gonna be a fun winter 🙂

  14. Candice says:

    Newt’s Emerald looks cute! I’ll have to keep an eye out for it. Can’t wait to read Cress too!

  15. I also really want to read The Promise of Amazing! I’m kind of like you where I have all these grand reading plans that tend to get thrown out the window depending on my mood. But hopefully I’ll actually stick to my list this time around.

  16. Liesel Hill says:

    Fun list! I hope I can get to Cress and Crash Into You this year, though neither actually made my list today. Happy Tuesday, Quinn! 😀

    My TTT

  17. Tina says:

    Great list! I probably should have just stuck with 5 as well, because my book list changes on the mood I’m in too! good luck with your list (:

  18. Violet says:

    I can’t wait to read Cress either! I’ve yet to read Scarlet, but I loved Cinder and I’m planning on picking Scarlet up soon too 🙂 I really liked making a list for this week’s theme; there are so many books I want to read soon! Awesome list!!

  19. I LOVE Sarah MacLean, I devour all of her books and I’m sad I have to wait until next fall for another one. I’m excited about The Promise of Amazing, too, but all I’ve been reading are mediocre reviews which makes me sad.

  20. Great list! I hope you enjoy Crash Into You, it was a DNF for me unfortunately. Hope you get to them all 🙂 My TTT.

  21. I can’t wait to read Cress!

  22. caitlinm says:

    I’m so impulsive! There are books I added to my TBR list two years ago that I haven’t even purchased yet. Whoops! 🙂

  23. CRESS!! I can’t wait to read that one as well! And I’m really looking forward to hearing your thoughts on Crash Into You!!

    Great list!

    My Top Ten

  24. I can’t wait for you to read Crash Into You!!! I love all of Katie’s books, but Crash and Pushing the Limits are tied for favorite! The Promise of Amazing looks really cute too. Love that cover!

  25. MidnightPageTurners says:

    Oh the promise of amazing! Such a cute cover, I really want to read this! Happy reading!

  26. I’ve been seeing Cress a lot, but I still need to read Scarlet. Crash Into You was SO good, though it took me a bit to connect with the female lead.

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