Top Eight Book Turn-Offs

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Oh boy, I am so excited about this week’s TTT – book turn-offs.  When I think of turn-offs, I don’t think of deal-breakers, just little things that make us frustrated in a book.  I’m thinking Pet-Peeves.  So here are my top ten!

In no particular order . . .

1.  Mean Girls
I just get so frustrated with this whole mean girl stereotype.  Yes, there are girls in high school who are jerks.   But there are boys, too, and I rarely see them in YA book.  And I the mean girl stereotype characters never have any depth to them.  It’s just a bit vexing.

2.  Love triangles
This is almost always a deal breaker for me, but sometimes I think it’s done well.  I just have such a difficult time relating to love triangles.

3. “Daddy”
I’m not a fan of any girl character over the age of 14 calling their dad “daddy.”  I know that it could be a southern thing, and I’m not saying it’s bad, but for some reason I really dislike it, and when I’m reading I always stumble over it.  It takes me out of the story.

4.  Asshole boys
I like the bad-boy character as much as the next person, but there’s a line between a bad boy (who’s really a nice guy) and a jerk.

5.  Vampires
This has nothing to do with Twilight.  I enjoyed the Twilight books.  I’ve never been a fan of books about vampires.  They freak me out!!  The whole blood drinking thin.  Eww.

6.  Cheating
It’s never okay.

7.  Preach-y
Even if a book’s message is something I agree with, I hate being preached too.

8. The Hot Guy Who Always Has a Woman Ready for a One-Night Stand.
Because that’s so realistic, and exactly the kind of guy I wanna date.  (Note the sarcasm).


I could only come up with eight, although I’m sure there are so many more.  My brain is just not working today.

Life Tidbits

  • You know those days, when then the only thing that will make it better is to crawl back into bed and start over tomorrow.  Yeah, that was yesterday for me.
  • I injured myself yesterday with a pair of scissors.  It really hurts, and it is nasty looking, and it’s on my right-hand thumb.  Life is going to be difficult while it heals because I’m right-handed.
  • I’ve gotten addicted to Elementary, the TV Show.  Although sometimes the outfits they have Lucy Liu wear are ridiculous.  There was this one outfit that looked like a school girl’s uniform.  It’s distracting.
  • Speaking of costumes & TV, I’ve been watching Sleepy Hollow.  Why doesn’t anyone give Ichabod Crane some new clothes.  He’s still wearing his Revolutionary War garb, and although he looks mighty fine, I think they are getting a bit grubby.  You know, because he was buried in them for a couple HUNDRED years.
  • I did very little reading this past Sunday.  I usually try to get a lot of reading done on Sunday, but mostly I watched TV.  It was nice, though 🙂

About Quinn

I'm a twenty-something children's librarian at a public library in Central New York. I've long left my teen years behind me, but I love to read YA and children's books. I have two adorable dogs. Ginger is a mix between a poodle and havanese, and Daphne is Bichon Frise. Other things I love: Favorite Movie: Singing in the Rain Favorite Book: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen Favorite TV Show: Monk
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28 Responses to Top Eight Book Turn-Offs

  1. Katie says:

    A lot of these are pet peeves of mine, as well. Especially the forced love triangles that show up in many YA books!

  2. I agree with the cheating one, I hate it! And Ive seen every episode of Elementary and im forever complaining about her outfits there so weird!
    here is mine:

  3. Oh man I totally agree about the Daddy thing!!! ICK! And I can’t stand asshole guys that the m/c falls for even though he’s a jerk… just NO! But I do love mean girls! I just wish they weren’t always shown as the popular bitches. Like girls from other cliques can be equally as mean sometimes!!

    My TTT

  4. ChrissiReads says:

    Completely agree with you about love triangles. Most of the time they’re just irritating and so predictable! I’m also not a fan of preachy reads.

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Daddy isn’t a southern thing, although I’ve definitely seen it used as one – I should have added Southern stereotypes to my list! Seriously some of the things authors come up with…it’s not like the south is an entirely different continent! It’s pretty much like the rest of America just more humid. I’ve lived all over the US, so I’d know. Some of the things I’ve read border between downright offensive and hilarious!

    I’m sorry to hear about your hand! Hand injuries are the worst :(. I’ve not watched Elementary but I soooorrrt of really want to (I’d feel a little disloyal to Sherlock, but damn it at least Elementary would make me wait years for a next season!)

  6. Jessica says:

    Ah! I love Elementary too! It’s On Demand right now which is so dangerous because I watch at least two episodes a night! I’m not looking forward to running out of episodes. I do need to get started on Sleepy Hollow though. I’ve heard really good things about it (and heard that Ichabod is a cutie sooooo.. yea) Great List!

  7. LOL… I hate the daddy thing too– i ALWAYS roll my eyes over that!! I also hate the guy with girls ready and waiting for a one night stand. GROSS.

  8. Vilia says:

    I don’t like overly preachy books either. I have no problems with characters having a bit of faith but when they they don’t need to ram it down my throat and ridicule anyone who follows a different path. Here’s my TTT

  9. i agree with almost everything on your excellent list except vampirez. love me some vamps. also, elementary is the best!!

  10. amshuman says:

    Great list. I agree with you on the cheating and love triangles. I have read so many books where cheating is used to make the main characters realize they are in love with the other one. It’s not a good plot point. My TTT

  11. Tiffany says:

    I secod cheating and love triagnles. Ugh. So annoying. And seriously, I told my husband the other day “Wouldn’t you think Ichabod Crane sticks?”. They need to get that man in a good pair of jeans!

  12. beckireads says:

    That was a really great list. There are a couple of things I totally agree with, like I dislike preach-y books and Asshole boys too.

  13. Liesel Hill says:

    Great list! I think the mean girl and bad boy who’s really a jerk go hand in hand. Anyone who treats others like crap is just not someone you want to root for. Sorry about your hand. Hope it heals quickly! 😀

    My TTT

  14. AMEN to being preachy (pun entirely intended), haha. I can’t stand when books do that, but thankfully I don’t come across books like that often. And I’m also exhausted by all those “mean girls” out there. Grow up, please. Our lists are pretty much the same 🙂

  15. bftreviews says:

    I love every single thing you just wrote.

  16. Seriously, where is the girl that’s attracted to the guy who constantly has one night stands?? I guess maybe I know girls who’d want to be one of the one night stands, but really, I bet most girls don’t even want that and that they certainly don’t want to date the guy! Eww. That drives me nuts, too.

  17. Andrea says:

    LOVE Sleepy Hollow! I said the same thing about his clothes last night while we were watching it. “Why doesn’t he put on some more modern clothes already?” It’s odd that’s he’s wearing the same 200 year old outfit. Does he wash it? Does someone else? What does he wear while he’s cleaning it? So many questions!

    PS – He is very good looking. Yummy.

  18. You know I never realized it befire but I do hate it when girls call their father daddy in books as well! Been watching sleepy hollow as well LoL it doesn’t make any sense he is still in that costume..but I still fancy hawt lol!

  19. Your “daddy” comment was funny! I do see where the character would be coming from, though, because sometimes I call my mom “mommy” when I’m around my friends. Also, I agree with your vampire statement. Some books make vampires into monsters, while Twilight did manage to keep them relatable.
    Great list! Check out mine:

  20. Rebecca says:

    Lol, personally I avoid books that feature mermaids, not vampires. Probably because every time I try one I am woefully disappointed. Twilight may not have featured the scariest vampires (I will forever to reading/watching references to it for the sparkling), but you have to admit it was a creative take on them. I can’t read about cheating, either. It just makes me mad. Lovely list!

  21. 1. Though my high school experience says that Mean Girls totally do exist, in fiction, I do like to see that some or all of them have their own back story. They’re the villains of contemporary novels, and I like my villains developed, just like my heroes and heroines.

    3. I hate this too, but I TOTALLY would break out the “daddy” when I was a teen and wanted something. I’m not proud of myself.

    7. Also not proud, but I’m often not bothered by preaching if it aligns with my views. Ex: David Levithan. I just feel like preaching for LGBT rights is still super necessary. But he IS preachy. So. Yeah. But I recognize it at least.

  22. Anna says:

    Cheating and preachy both annoy the heck out of me! It’s a reason why I don’t necessarily read a lot of Christian fiction, because I feel like there’s always a requisite scene where a character gives instructions on “how to accept Jesus” to another character and it annoys me to no end! 🙂 Great list.

    My TTT:

  23. I agree with most of these except for vampires and the “daddy” thing. I love vampires in books though I am a bit picky in the mythology surrounding them. I am from Kentucky so I guess I’m used to girls calling their father “Daddy” even I do it on occasion. But, I think I understand what you are coming from with the reference to books.

  24. There are very, VERY few instances of a well-written love triangle, and I wish authors realized how much the bad ones irritate us.

    I’ve never thought about “Daddy” before, but yeah, I don’t like it either. I think I stopped using it when my age was still in single digits.

    Stephanie @ Inspiring Insomnia

  25. Hannah says:

    I totally agree on cheating, mean girls and asshole guys! I’m also really wary of paranormal creatures overall, not just vampires. Definitely not my favorite thing to read about (even though I have certainly found exceptions!).

  26. Mean guys, mean girls, and love triangles- all HUGE turn-offs for me. Mean girls can be done realistically, but they’re often so polarized and there are rarely real mean guys.

    Thanks for stopping by my My TTT!

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