Review: Forevermore by Cindy Miles

Author: Cindy Miles
Publisher: Point
Age Group: Teen
Source: Netgalley
Good Reads  |  Amazon
Rating: 3 out of 5

Summary from GoodReads:

On a misty cliffside, mystery and romance await. . . .

Ivy Calhoun’s life has been turned upside down. Her new stepdad has uprooted Ivy and her mom, bringing them to live in an actual castle in the misty Scottish countryside. There are stone-faced servants and shadowy corridors, and the ancient walls seem full of secrets. Ivy is at once frightened and intrigued.

Especially when she meets Logan, a gorgeous, elusive ghost who has haunted the castle grounds for decades. Ivy is immediately drawn to him . . . but Logan is not the only spirit around. Something dark and deadly is afoot, and soon Ivy finds herself in mortal danger.

Is Logan exactly what he seems? Could his mysterious past be tied to Ivy’s present? And can Ivy stop herself from falling in love with him?


4 out of 5

4 out of 5

My Thoughts

I can’t really say what it is about ghost stories that makes me love them so.  I certainly don’t believe in ghosts, and, in general, I steer clear of scary movies.  But I just love a ghost story.  I love a little bit of creepiness, and the whole idea of a ghost hanging out in a haunted house (or, in this case, a castle).  So, when I heard about Forevermore from Merin from Read and Reviewed, I zipped right over to Netgalley and requested it.  It promised a ghost story, a Scottish setting (and castle!) and a little romance.  And, for the most part, I was satisfied.  This certainly isn’t my favorite ghost story, but I enjoyed the story.

The setting was, by far, the best part of this book, in my opinion.  I’ve never wanted to visit Scotland more (and Scotland is at the top of my list of places I want to go, anyway) than while reading this book.  Miles really did a wonderful job describing the country, and it really added to an atmosphere that included ghosts.  Plus, the fact that Ivy was living in a Scottish castle just made the setting that much better.

I must say, though, that it really wasn’t creepy.  There was never a time when I got nervous or scared while I read this book.  Personally, I wish there was a little more creepiness, but for those that don’t like that sort of thing, you’ll be fine.

The characters were good.  I think they all could have been a little more fleshed-out, but I liked them.  In fact, it’s been a week since I read this book, and neither of the main characters really stuck in my mind.  I did like Ivy’s friend a lot, and it was great to see girls sticking together.  Of course, I can’t remember what Ivy’s friend’s name was . . . so she wasn’t that noteworthy.

The plot was a little unbelievable.  I mean, beyond the ghost part.  I don’t want to say what I found a bit farfetched, but I was a little meh.  It was very easy to figure out what was going to happen, and who the baddie was.  But I think that happens a lot, and I wasn’t really disappointed.  The only thing that was, in fact, disappointing to me was how Ivy was able to solve the mystery.  Again, I can’t tell you what she did, but it was a little too easy, in my opinion.

So, overall, I enjoyed Forevermore.  The setting really made this book for me.  If you like romance, Scotland, ghosts, and a simple mystery, then I say give this one a try.  Although, I do recommend borrowing it from the library.  It’s not a book I would ever re-read.

About Quinn

I'm a twenty-something children's librarian at a public library in Central New York. I've long left my teen years behind me, but I love to read YA and children's books. I have two adorable dogs. Ginger is a mix between a poodle and havanese, and Daphne is Bichon Frise. Other things I love: Favorite Movie: Singing in the Rain Favorite Book: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen Favorite TV Show: Monk
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4 Responses to Review: Forevermore by Cindy Miles

  1. HOLLY says:

    I’ll have to see if my library has it… Great review!

  2. Katie B says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed this one. I wasn’t sure about it seeing as I haven’t read a single review until now but I’ll have to check out my copy. I love that it’s set in Scotland!

    Great review!

  3. LilysBookBlog says:

    I love the setting of this book and it’s so rare to find books in YA set in Scotland! The last ghost story I read was Invisibility and too me that book was a huge let down so I don’t know how I feel about jumping into another ghost story. Especially since you said it was a bit unrealistic (aside form the ghost part of course) and that she found out the mystery too easily. I think this is a pass for me but great review! 🙂
    Lily @ Lilysbookblog

  4. I just finished this book and I completely agree with the setting. I thought the author did a fantastic job of fleshing out Scotland. The mystery was a little light I agree but it was cute and fun. Interesting to compare what we thought!

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