Review: A Kiss in Time by Alex Flinn

kiss in timeA Kiss in Time
Author: Alex Flinn
Publisher: Harper Teen
Age Group: Teen
Source: Barnes & Noble
Good Reads  |  Amazon
Rating: 3 out of 5

Summary from GoodReads:

Talia fell under a spell…Jack broke the curse.

I was told to beware the accursed spindle, but it was so enchanting, so hypnotic…

I was looking for a little adventure the day I ditched my tour group. But finding a comatose town, with a hot-looking chick asleep in it, was so not what I had in mind.

I awakened in the same place but in another time—to a stranger’s soft kiss.

I couldn’t help kissing her. Sometimes you just have to kiss someone. I didn’t know this would happen.

Now I am in dire trouble because my father, the king, says I have brought ruin upon our country. I have no choice but to run away with this commoner!

Now I’m stuck with a bratty princess and a trunk full of her jewels…The good news: My parents will freak!

Think you have dating issues? Try locking lips with a snoozing stunner who turns out to be 316 years old. Can a kiss transcend all—even time?


3 out of 5

3 out of 5

My Thoughts

I think most of us probably have a certain genre or subject of books that we just can’t say no to.  I know I do, even though I am a pretty eclectic reader.  And for me it’s fairytale retellings.  There’s just something about fairytales that I love.  I can’t get enough of the princesses, the pretty dresses, the magic and curses, and princes.  I love it all.  This love of fairytale retellings even contributed to me reading The Lunar Chronicles books even though I really dislike science fiction.  Of course, some retellings are better than others.  A Kiss in Time is a fun story, but I can’t say it’s exceptional.

At the start of this book, both main characters, Jack and Talia, show some less than stellar traits.  Jack is a bit of a slacker, and doesn’t care too much for rules, and Talia, used to wealth and all the advantages of being a princess, is a bit spoiled and used to getting her own way.  I was a bit worried that I wouldn’t like either character, but don’t worry, they grow on you.

However, I can’t say that I believed this change in both characters.  It happens pretty quickly, and all of the sudden Talia is very caring of other people.  And Jack wants to not be such a slacker.  I mean, I liked the character-growth because it made me like Talia and Jack, but it was a little unbelievable.

This was a fun way to retelling Sleeping Beauty.  I got a kick out of Talia’s confusion, and sometimes even panic over modern day life.  After sleeping for hundreds of years, waking up feeling as though no time had passed, and then faced with such things as cell phones, computers, and modern transportation was certainly a shock.  Her reaction to what modern day teens wear felt fairly realistic coming from a princess born three hundred years ago.  I must mention something though.  There were a few girls – and they were SOOOO stereotypical.  It’s either the girl is good, and sweet and innocent, or slutty and bitchy.  I just get sick of that sometime.  That never happens to guy characters.

There isn’t exactly insta-love here, which I know will make lots of readers happy.  In fact Talia and Jack’s feelings for each other initially border on dislike.  But pretty quickly they fall for each other.  And actually, here’s where I feel like this book falls into the mediocre.  Of course, I’m glad that there isn’t any instant love, but I could never quite figure out why Jack and Talia fell for each other.  And they fell for each other in a matter for days.  But besides the quickness of their love, I just didn’t quite understand why they did fall for each other in the first place.  Other than the fact that Flinn is telling us that they love each other.

Overall, I found A Kiss in Time a fun way to retell Sleeping Beauty.  It was perfect for Summer reading, and it’s a very quick read (I’m so far behind on my goodreads challenge!).  Although this isn’t the best book out there, it was satisifactory and I’m glad I read it.  Fans of Alex Flinn’s other books, or fairytale retellings should give this a shot.

About Quinn

I'm a twenty-something children's librarian at a public library in Central New York. I've long left my teen years behind me, but I love to read YA and children's books. I have two adorable dogs. Ginger is a mix between a poodle and havanese, and Daphne is Bichon Frise. Other things I love: Favorite Movie: Singing in the Rain Favorite Book: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen Favorite TV Show: Monk
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6 Responses to Review: A Kiss in Time by Alex Flinn

  1. I loved the Sleeping Beauty aspect of this book… fairytale retellings are awesome, probably why I like the Lunar Chronicles so much 😀 but the romance was a bit quick like you said.

  2. HOLLY says:

    I always find myself reading these modern fairy tales…. I just think they’re so clever! Great post!

  3. Hmms I am totally interested based on the retelling aspect but not sure based on the insta-love!

  4. Kritika says:

    I thought this book was funny, but a pretty mediocre retelling. I liked Cloaked by the same author better – it combined lots of obscure fairy tails and it was a lot funnier.

  5. Character growth is fantastic, but only when it’s believable. Sounds like an interesting retelling, though….perhaps I’ll see if my library has it.

    Nice review! 🙂

  6. Haha, I know that feeling. Whenever I hear ‘fairytale’ I want to read it. I quite liked this story, but I agree about the stereotypes.


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